Full Stack

##### This is the professional website for: # Jim Canright #### Full Stack Javascript Applications Developer #### Senior Software Engineer ## [Core Technologies](/core-capabilities.hmd) Javascript ES6/2015, Node, Typescript, functional programming, JSON, Express, eslint, TDD, Mocha, npm, linux, bash, git, agile software development. ## [Server Side Capabilities](/server-side.hmd) **Node** 4 & 6, NPM, Express **Database Technologies**: SQL, Database Architect, erd/erwin, MS Sql Server, Oracle, ERD/Erwin, mySql/mariaDb, MongoDb, Redis, XML, JSON, YAML, REST **Application Domains**: Execution Management Systems, Enterprise Applications, Web Database Applications, Intranets / Extranets, Responsive Websites, Webmaster, Server Administration **Platforms and Background Technologies**: Linux, Ubuntu, bash, vim, C, LAMP, asp, .net, c#, MS Server, c#, IIS, MS Sql, vbscript, markdown, templating, hogan, handlebars, moustache ## [Client Side Capabilities](/client-side.hmd) Expert with core technologies: **HTML5, CSS, jQuery, javascript, DOM, ajax, css3, less, ...** Explore my [portfolio](http://canright.net/client-side.hmd) of selected responsive websites. Built (and use) a database grid front end to implement a content management system talking to a database through MS IIS, ASP, SQL. Expert in core web technologies foundational to all frameworks. Ready to build with any javascript client-side framework. Have worked with angular 1 and am working with react. ### Client-side Javascript Tools or Frameworks: **anglular 1**: I am familiar (but not fresh). My deepest dive was to prototype a collaborative document manager. **react**: I am re-factoring my library of client side javascript tools (slide-show, scroll, navigation grid, ...) to use react. I am familiar with most, but expert with none of the frameworks. I am comfortable focusing on any of them. My experience is with the core tools - arguably the best foundation for any of the frameworks. ### Website Design - I design for designers. Most of my clients are designers! - user experience / interface design - photoshop - My portfolio speaks my creative design capabilities. ## [Connected Devices / IOT](/iot.hmd) - Event driven applications, 'real-time' asynch apps systems - Production controllers, terminal and printer interfaces - Digital I/O on Raspberry Pi with Node